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  • Cover Story: Urban Consumers to Drive China's Grow

    The big four Australian banks and AMP have repeatedly stressed that they are long-term players in China as the world’s most populous country transitions from manufacturing and investment to services and consumption[more]

  • Cover Story: Disruptor, Enabler, Partner

    Disruptors who take on the banks may dominate the fintech headlines, but this year will see a more collaborative environment take hold.[more]

  • Cover Story: Mortgage Origination Under Threat

    With the local regulator scrutinising the banks’ processes for approving mortgages, mortgage risk weights likely to rise and disruptive newcomers all having an impact, the mortgage securitisation industry is heading for change.[more]

By the Numbers

US$3.8bn Citi reported 3Q net income of US$3.8bn or US$1.23/share, a top line result which was 74 per cent up on the prior corresponding period and 13 up on the last quarter.