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  • Transforming CX through data and automation

    In a co-published article, Darren Read, General Manager, Services, Avaya Australia and New Zealand looks at how financial services can transform CX through data and automation.[more]

  • Blockchain Beyond Bitcoin

    Blockchain is best known as the technology that underpins and facilitates bitcoin and other crypto-currencies. But it is highly flexible, can be applied in a variety of instances and is suddenly on everyone’s to-do list.[more]

  • Cover Story: Culture? It’s What We Do Around Here

    Current Australian of the Year and chairman of Diversity Council Australia, David Morrison, expressed his view of culture in a 2013 speech as: “the standard you walk past, is the standard you accept”. [more]

By the Numbers

US$3.8bn Citi reported 3Q net income of US$3.8bn or US$1.23/share, a top line result which was 74 per cent up on the prior corresponding period and 13 up on the last quarter.