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  • Beyond Bricks and Mortar

    The RFi Group has taken its Global Digital Banking Conference Series to London, Toronto, Dubai and Sydney with September seeing the event hosted in Singapore for the first time.[more]

  • Australia's unrivalled opportunity

    Following equally seismic electoral shifts on the European periphery, the United Kingdom last month showed the centre was not immune to anger at a system that appeared impervious to change. Financial regulation expert, Justin O’Brien, professor of Bu[more]

  • Why Banking Must Have Its Black Cab Moment

    Hailing a London black cab used to be a frustrating experience, from booking the journey to dealing with the inevitably grumpy driver and being limited in how you could pay for the trip.[more]

By the Numbers

US$3.8bn Citi reported 3Q net income of US$3.8bn or US$1.23/share, a top line result which was 74 per cent up on the prior corresponding period and 13 up on the last quarter.